About Us

Our Mission Statement

Changing generations, one life at a time; unto the glorification of the Heavenly Father; unto the exaltation of the Christ; unto the operation of the Holy Spirit; unto the edification of the body; unto the perfection of the saints; unto evangelization of the lost; unto the manifestation of the kingdom of God.


Our History

In 1923, the Lake Zion Baptist Church began its services in a house located in an area of Belcher, Louisiana, known as the “BIG FOUR”. Rev. Charlie Allen was our leader. During this time very few members who carried on weekly prayer meetings.


In 1932, Rev. Bonnet became our leader, and many new members joined under his leadership. Following Rev. Bonnet, Rev. Charlie Patterson, better known as “The Stern Rev. Pat,” was called as pastor. He served as leader for 30 years. Rev. Pat was known for his intense sermons and his ability to draw new members. Deacons were ordained at a rapid pace including Ed Bunt, George Armstrong, Sr., James Taylor, Sr., O’Baby Armstrong, Charlie Knight, Ed Jackson, Garland Rogers, Hollin Allen, Roosevelt Brown, Tommie Brown, Harvess Armstrong, Odis Taylor, and McKinley Harris. Sister Laura Mosley was our church secretary and the late Sister Mary (Ciggie) Williams was our Missionary. The commemorating of our Church Anniversary took place at this time. Sister Rosie Miller introduced the idea on this occasion. Rev. Pat continued his faithful services to Lake Zion until his health failed him.


In 1967, Rev. Leon Parks was called to our leadership. The church continued to grow in wisdom and spiritual integrity. 
Two deacons were ordained at this time. Deacons Charlie Patterson, Jr., and Lawrence Patterson, the sons of the late Rev. Charlie Patterson. In August 1973, Rev. Parks started a pledge program to build a Lake Zion building. Before the complete manifestation of his vision, the Lord saw a need to call him home. By the power of God, Deacon Charlie Patterson led our deacons in completing our new sanctuary. Rev. Morris Austin delivered the message the Sunday we entered our new sanctuary.


In November 1975, God blessed us with Rev. I.K. Godfrey. He brought fresh ideas that were spiritually awakening. He was devoted to the Word of God and worked hard to build our Baptist Training Union. A total of 18 members were added. Three deacons were ordained namely Deacons Earl Armstrong, Sr., Sammy Thomas, and Charlie Gilliam. Sister Laura Mosley was crowned as our Church Mother. On February 3, 1980, Rev. Godfrey resigned as pastor. On February 9, 1980, we held our glorious note burning ceremony. In June 1980, the church selected Rev. M.C. Pearson as our pastor. Our communion services were changed to 3rd Sundays during his leadership. On September 21, 1982, Rev. Pearson was released from his duties as pastor.
On November 30, 1983, God chose Rev. James T. Sims to be our pastor. In January 1985, Pastor Sims began our full time worship service. We have grown spiritually due to the addition of many services: 8:30 Early Morning Glory, New Member Orientation, Children’s Church, Weekly Bible Study, Annual Fall and Youth Revival in addition to our Spring Revival, Summer Vacation Bible School, Intercessory Prayer, and a Reach & Teach Summer Feeding Program. Remembering back to the date of May 24, 1994, Pastor Sims preached a sermon entitled, “Catch On To The Vision”. God has promised in his word, “The vision is for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie, wait for it will surely come.”


Our membership has rapidly increased. We have twelve (12) Son’s of the House: Pastors Jimmy Smith, Sammy Thomas, and Eddie Howard; Ministers Adolphus Sims, Eugene Boyd, James Demery, Gregory French, Melvin Tyner, Thornell Godfrey, Tommy Adger, Noel Haynes and Michael Blackshire; daughters, Minister Faye Wilson, Minister Sandra Dennis and Dr. Nancy Stewart. He ordained ten (10) deacons: Earl Armstrong Jr., Timothy Jackson, Calvin Stewart, Johnny Pickett, Harrison Lewis, Christopher Bryant, McKinley Gilliam, Randy Gilliam, Herman Hill and Stanley Patterson. He has licensed seventeen (17) Missionaries: Virginia Sims, Marilynn Thomas, Vernita Armstrong, Sundown Gay, Shelia Jackson, Phyllis Smith, Janie Baylor, Jetti Williamson, Debra Henderson, Toni Hodge, Marilyn Venson, Margaret White, Leona Stroy and Frances Brown; and the late Missionaries Barbara Jefferson, Helen Patterson and Legirda Jamison. A total of approximately 525 + members have joined and reunited under the leadership of Pastor Sims.


On April 23, 2000, we had our groundbreaking ceremony for the building of our fellowship hall. On Saturday, February 2, 2001 we had our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and entered our Fellowship Hall.   On Sunday, March 7, 2009, we had our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and entered our new sanctuary.